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The Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions (EAGLE) is a multiple award contract designed to offer a broad range of services solution and contract types to fulfill the majority of component and departmental IT services needs.

EAGLE provides for a wide range of IT service solutions for DHS through five comprehensive functional service categories (FC). OST is a Small Business prime contractor under Functional Category 4:Software Development. Learn more about Functional Category 4 below.

(FC4) Software Development—The Contractors shall provide any and all phases of software design and development including deployment to ensure DHS applications and databases will enable their users to meet their mission goals and objectives. These efforts include the full range of software design, development, implementation and integration, including, but not limited to, concept development, planning, requirements definition and analysis, systems design and development, coding and testing, production, deployment, implementation, integration, and software application maintenance.

EAGLE Task Orders Awarded to Prime Contractors

Task Orders and awards will be posted at: http://www.dhs.gov/xopnbiz/opportunities/editorial_0700.shtm

Other Relevant Contracts and Experience

DHS Contracts and Experience

OST has supported DHS in a varied range of endeavors described as follows:

Client: Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


National Flood Insurance Program Systems Engineering Management Support

Project Description

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) entrusted OST with realizing its vision of gaining independence from contractor-owned technology and accelerating transaction processing throughout FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) .

Project Highlights

OST has established development and pilot infrastructures and has nearly completed the production infrastructure. The team uses Sun hardware in its J2EE architecture to serve and store NFIP data in the NFIP Data Warehouse. IBM and Oracle products are integrated within the infrastructure that supports functional areas that are listed below.

Services Performed
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Rules Management.
  • Data Cleansing
  • Service Oriented Security
Project Results

Modernized systems enter production operations at the end of 2007, NFIP data and WYO companies will be transferred into the new, advanced NFIP architecture, providing stakeholders with up front validations, web-service applications, and access to timely data for business intelligence.

Client: DHS Customs and Border Protection


eCP Modernization

Project Description

OST is supporting U.S. Customs' ongoing modernization effort to align new strategic initiatives in platform and database capabilities. This effort will allow t he Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to align business objectives to new eBusiness architectures.

Services Performed
  • Systems Integration
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Performance Engineering
  • Enterprise-wide Validation and Assessment
  • Tradeoff Studies in Collection and Analysis Methodologies
Project Results

This modernization effort will arm U.S. Customs frontline personnel with the necessary information and tools to provide enhanced support of trade activities and greater protection of U.S. citizens. OST expertise in the domain of enterprise architecture, systems integration, and performance engineering, using hardware and software-based tools such as Agilent J6800A, OpNet, Popkin, and Hyperformix have helped Customs make substantial progress in meeting system milestones.

OST Quality Assurance Program

1.1 Quality Control Solution

OST Quality control solution process - see long description link to learn more
Fig 1: OST's Quality Control Solution Processes

OST's quality control (QC) solution is: (1) based on CMMI (the industry best practice in systems and software engineering); (2) mandatory, as our standards must always be adhered to and this is ensured by our corporate Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst; and (3) tool based - using our process asset library, best practice library, and measurement repositories are used extensively. The major steps in our QC Solution process are shown in Figure 1. Every TO develops a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). Each QAP is tailored for the specific needs and constraints of each TO . Some of the aspects covered in the plan are the major activities, deliverables, schedule, and stakeholders included in the QA reporting chain. The products and processes that will be reviewed are also identified in the QAP. A QA analyst or subject matter expert (SME) conducts these reviews and logs all issues found. The QA analyst is responsible for communicating all issues and handling all corrective actions under the guidance and supervision of the EAGLE PM or TOM.

Point(s) of Contact for information related to IDIQ contracts

Matthew Garvey
Business Development Manager – DHS

Teaming Coordinator’s Point(s) of Contact

Matthew Garvey
Business Development Manager – DHS



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