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OST is part of the winning Lockheed Martin Information Technology (LMIT) led team. The Information Technology Enterprise Solutions-2 Services (ITES-2S) effort worth up to $20 billion will support the Army enterprise infrastructure and infrastructure goals with information technology (IT) services worldwide.

The ITES-2S scope will include a full range of services and solutions necessary for the Army to satisfy its support of the Army enterprise infrastructure and infrastructure goals with information technology (IT) services worldwide. The scope includes the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management (C4IM) requirements as defined in Army Regulation 25-1 (AR 25-1).

The U.S. Army, Department of Defense, or any other Federal Agency is authorized to fulfill requirements under ITES-2S.

ITES-2S Task Areas

The IT services solutions are categorized in the list of task areas identified below. The task areas are further subdivided into sub-task areas to further define the scope of the task areas. This list of sub-tasks is not considered to be inclusive of all sub-tasks within each task area. Specific details of task assignments, deliverables, documentation, training, applicable government/department/industry standards, etc., will be provided within individual task orders.

  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
    • Business Case Analysis
  • Information Systems Security
    • Computer Security Awareness and Training
    • Computer Security Incident Response
    • Information, System, Data, and Physical Security Mainframe Automated Information Security Support
  • Information Assurance
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Continuity of Operations
    • Contingency Planning
    • Remote Monitoring/Intrusion Detection
    • Security Architecture Design
    • Security Hardening
    • Secure Video Teleconferencing
    • System Certification and Accreditation (DITSCAP)
  • Information Technology Services
    • Biometrics
    • Configuration Management
    • Capacity Management
    • Computer Aided Design/Engineering/Management
    • Computer Systems Administration, Management, and Maintenance
    • Design/Specifications for Information Systems
    • Data and/or Media Management
    • Database Applications Development
    • Design/Specifications for Information Dissemination
    • Economic / Business Case Analysis (Cost/Benefit and Risk)
    • Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V)
    • Internet/Intranet/Web Applications/Network Computing
    • Legacy Systems Modernization Performance Benchmarking / Performance Measurements
    • Simulation and Modeling
    • Software/Middleware Development
    • Source Data Development
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Systems Development and Software Maintenance
    • Systems Programming
    • Video Teleconferencing
    • Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
    • Web and Computer Systems Decision Support Tools
    • Web Enabled Applications
  • Enterprise Design, Integration, and Consolidation
    • Information and Knowledge Engineering
    • Integrated Solutions Management
    • Knowledge Engineering/Management
    • Market Research and Prototyping
    • Measuring Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Earned Value
    • Compliance with Interoperability Standards
    • Product Integration
    • Reliability and Maintainability
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • Software Life Cycle Management
    • Systems Integration
    • Technology Insertion
    • Test and Evaluation
    • Wireless Networking
  • Program/Project Management
    • Strategic Enterprise IT Policy and Planning
    • Change Management
    • Program Assessments and Studies
    • IT Strategic Planning Program Assessment and Studies
    • IT Project Cost & Schedule Management
    • IT Strategic Planning
    • Education/Training
  • Systems Operation and Maintenance
    • Computer Center Technical Support
    • Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software Products and Support
    • Computer Systems Administration
    • Computer Systems Facilities Management and Maintenance
    • Licensing Support
    • Software License Management
    • Legacy Systems Maintenance Network Management
    • Help Desk Support
    • Desktop Support
    • Property Management
    • Network Support
    • Network and Telecommunications Infrastructure Support
    • Office Automation Support
    • Seat Management / Asset Management


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