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Enterprise Application Integration

OST demonstrated leadership in Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture Support in determination of a technical approach for a federal client's infrastructure product architecture. Our specialists ascertained system compliance through comprehensive analysis of requirements and system architecture. Our team delivered enterprise-wide architecture consultation, reviews, validation, and assessments to assure of coordination between diverse client sub-groups.

Spectrum Engineering and Automation Support

The objective of the Spectrum Engineering and Automation Support (SEAS) program is to manage, engineer, and protect the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Spectrum Engineering Services’ aviation radio spectrum, assignment, engineering, and frequency allocation processes for all of U.S. civil aviation. OST provides development support, hardware, software, and sub-systems to deliver interference-free communications, navigation, and surveillance related to all commercial, private, and military aircraft operating in the National Airspace System (NAS). We also support information systems security, performance analysis, and all sustainment elements from requirements to system tests to help desk support. Our SEAS work also supports automation for the FAA’s Next Gen program, a comprehensive initiative to transform the NAS to a reliable, satellite-based system for air traffic control management.

In 2004, OST took over the Automated Frequency Manager (AFM) application re-write effort from a 5-year incumbent that had failed to deploy the application and was stalled 3 years behind schedule. OST not only deployed a working AFM system, but introduced a systematic process of enhancements, modernization, consolidation, and integration of related applications and systems. We were subsequently involved in creating new engineering models, integrating the AFM with additional systems, and providing technology refresh web-based solutions for new and existing Spectrum systems. This major effort resulted in significantly increased productivity and efficiency for users, delivering time and cost savings.

Oracle Enterprise Electronic Document Management System

OST launched an enterprise project management tool enabling a prime federal client to centrally and concurrently manage multiple enterprise-wide efforts.

Mission Critical Tracking Systems

The OST team originated numerous innovative applications which enhance public safety through quick operational issue resolution. We proposed and spearheaded the development of an investigative portal which leveraged existing applications for optimal issue resolution. This knowledge base incorporates proprietary OST functionality with external vendor tools and boasts a worldwide user base. This mission critical system has enabled this vital federal client to migrate into a proactive mode and - when all the phases are in production - will greatly enhance their ability to predict problems well in advance.

National Airspace Information Management Enterprise System

OST experts collaborated with a prime federal client to implement a modern aeronautical information repository with integrated data distribution. Our team executed GIS activities and weather enhancements to establish web-enabled means for proprietary data collection and distribution.

Interference Monitoring Detection System

OST partnered with a key federal client to originate software for monitoring, detecting, and locating radio signals via a remote web browser.

Navigational Aids

Selected due to its ability to meet a critical and aggressive schedule including significant SME training of its personnel, OST executed extensive analysis and documentation on existing and undocumented code. Our specialists developed a fully compatible engineering model by leveraging extensive client communication and teamwork.

Legacy System Migration and Prototyping

Our team partnered with an instrumental federal client to optimize information exchange, thus reducing lag time and improving customer-friendliness. OST managed and implemented an extensive migration to daily/real-time submissions from monthly submission/batch mode. We leveraged the latest technologies to provide substantial support in various activities including organizational change, facilitation, legacy system migration, and prototyping of NextGen Technologies.

Enterprise Architecture and Reengineering

OST specialists directed a sizable federal agency in its re-architecture and re-engineering effort to streamline and consolidate applications. Our team base lined the existing system, performed extensive analysis to identify bottlenecks and/or design flaws, designed common front-end, and established a Configuration Management environment. We are currently mentoring this client in implemented use of CMMI Level 3 in order to ensure continued success through the emplacement of defined and repeatable processes.

Major System Security Assessment

Our experts generated an independent Security Assessment for a key federal client by leveraging research on internal policies, manuals, and NIST-800. OST performed extensive replication of the production environment and assessed application vulnerability through large-scale testing. Results were compiled and summarized into a comprehensive client assessment.

Fleet Management and Tracking System

OST staff experts devised and developed a custom web-based solution to meet state client needs when a COTS solution was determined inadequate and a COTS-modified solution proved prohibitively expensive. We were instrumental in streamlining and automating report functions resulting in substantial time savings as report generation times plummeted from several weeks to one hour annually. Our specialists blueprinted and created personalized reports including inventory prediction and fraud detection reports, assisting in overall budget optimization.

Safety Thesaurus to Aid Text Mining

With a team of top-notch specialists in aviation safety and computational linguistics, OST is building an aviation safety thesaurus to enhance automatic text mining of aviation safety data bases and reports.  The results will aid discovery of causes and trends in aviation accidents and may eventually improve future probabilistic analyses.

Modernization of Personal Property Asset Management

OST has been chosen to develop, implement and maintain an enterprise-wide, web-based asset inventory tracking system for a major Government client.  The contract includes development, implementation and maintenance of a hand-held barcode scanning application as well as the modernization of legacy shipments in place.  OST will be in charge of all project management activities.

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