Smart Campus

A Smart Campus is a cohesive campus with cutting-edge security, resource management, and access control. OST enhances the campus experience for students, faculty, and visitors.

As a Smart Infrastructure systems integrator, OST helps authorities to deliver higher-quality services more efficiently while realizing major cost savings and revenue generation. We also provide Public-Private Partnership (P3) financing solutions that will cover 100 percent of up-front costs for each project.

Environmental Sustainability

Focus on practices that reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint

  • Energy management support
  • Upgrade outdoor/indoor lighting using adaptive LEDs
  • Other energy efficient upgrades, e.g., optimization of the HVAC system
  • Additional sensors on Smart Poles to measure and monitor CO2 emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, gas leakage, temperature, humidity, waste levels, etc.

Safety & Security

  • Video analytics powered by artificial intelligence and complemented with machine learning
  • State of the art Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Security Operations Center (SOC), etc.
  • Implement better surveillance with CCTV cameras, sensors, detectors, etc.
  • Better communication platform for law enforcement and emergency service providers
  • Integrated LED lights with smart sensors for real-time public safety
  • Enhanced asset management – tracking of all assets including vehicles and personnel
  • Next generation security products such as portable X-ray scanners for bags and vehicle scanning