Smart Base

A Smart Base provides better security, mobility, communication, and access control. OST is transforming the base experience for staff, trainees, and visitors.

As a Smart Infrastructure systems integrator, OST helps authorities to deliver higher-quality services more efficiently while realizing major cost savings and revenue generation. We also provide Public-Private Partnership (P3) financing solutions that will cover 100 percent of up-front costs for each project.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint

  • Upgrade outdoor lighting using adaptive LEDs on Smart Poles
  • Other energy efficient upgrades and additional sensors
  • Renewable energy-based backup systems

Operational Excellence

Monitor all base operations from a single integrated platform

  • Gain visibility over all base operations
  • Connect staff, systems, and infrastructures
  • Optimize usage of all base resources
  • Use real-time insights to make faster decisions
  • Predict and prepare for unusual situations

Safety & Security

Provide a platform to harness the power of big data and predictive analytics

  • Airport-wide Wi-Fi
  • Utilize sensors and cameras on Smart Poles to track LED outages
  • Communicate traffic information and monitor crime-prone areas
  • Monitor and control digital displays to optimize parking solutions, provide safety alerts, and create new avenues for advertising
  • Real-time data analytics for better decision making