Smart City

By 2030, every metropolitan city will be a “Smart City”, with improved services, new business models, and a connected environment. This will be achieved through the Internet of Things (IoT) and digitally transformed infrastructure including energy, transportation, public safety, and more. As a Smart Infrastructure systems integrator, OST helps authorities to deliver higher-quality services and revenue generation. We also provide Public Private Partnership (P3) financing solutions that will cover 100 percent of up-front costs for each project.

Smart Lighting (Indoor & Outdoor)

Upgrade to Smart LED lighting and utilize IoT platform to manage maintenance and outages of lights, reducing costs while optimizing resources.

Waste Management

Integrate advanced sensor technology to alert authorities to pick up trash and specialized equipment to assist in easy pick up, reducing costs, improving scheduling/routing, and optimizing waste pick up.

Smart Pole

Provide infrastructure for Smart Lighting, Smart Cameras, Wi-Fi, digital signage for public information, charging stations for electric vehicles, and additional environmental sensors. Improves emergency alerts and monitors and controls carbon levels, noise levels, gas leakages, waste levels, etc.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Monitor traffic flow and incidents using smart sensors on roads and highways, proving real time alerts to citizens.

Smart Parking

Enforce parking ordinances using cameras and sensors with real time occupancy information and incident alerts. Mobile app assists drivers in finding available spots easily. Saving drivers time and cost while offering cities the opportunity to generate additional revenue through flexible pricing strategies based on demand.

Video Analytics

Leverages machine learning, pattern recognition, and behavioral knowledge to identify relevant video footage. Adaptive video anomaly detection spots unexpected changes in video images over time.

Public Safety

Provides a secure communication platform with NextGen911 features that integrates portable vehicle and cargo scanners.