Smart Airport

Smart Airport is the pathway to an intelligent infrastructure that meets growing expectations for passenger safety and experience. OST ensures airports achieve operational excellence while lowering expenditures and generating additional streams of revenue.

As a Smart Infrastructure systems integrator, OST helps authorities to deliver higher-quality services more efficiently while realizing major cost savings and revenue generation. We also provide Public-Private Partnerships (P3) financing solutions that will cover 100 percent of up-front costs for each project.

Operational Excellence

Create world-class facilities to ensure a delightful customer experience for passengers and airlines:

  • Increase capacity for passengers, airlines, and cargo
  • Customer-centric experience
  • Maximize revenue and reduce cost

Safety & Security

Improve safety solutions to offer a reduction in crime:

  • Integrated NextGen safety solutions for better video vigilance, infrastructure, sensors, 911, and developing a secured private network.

Integrated Digital Platform

Provide a platform to harness the power of big data and predictive analytics:

  • Airport-wide Wi-Fi
  • Utilize sensors and cameras on Smart Poles to track LED outages
  • Communicate traffic information and monitor crime-prone areas
  • Monitor and control digital displays to optimize parking solutions, provide safety alerts, and create new avenues for advertising
  • Real-time data analytics for better decision making

Advanced Technology

  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Data Fusion, Correlation, and Visualization
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Cyber Security
  • Asset/Resource Management