McLean, VA, June 2019 – On June 9, Dr. Indu Singh, Senior Scientist, represented OST at the CCNDI, presenting on the topic, Privacy and Data Protection in Smart Cities (www.ccndi.org). Dr. Singh also was a panelist for the breakout session titled Towards Realizing Resilient Smart Cities – Challenges and Opportunities, organized by Old Dominion University. Sponsored by the University of Virginia, CCNDI provides a platform to address issues critical to the security of the United States. The conference brought together leaders from government, academia, and industry to discuss critical challenges in both unclassified and classified settings, and to develop a coherent, coordinated approach to these challenges. The CCNDI theme for 2019 was Security and Smart Cities.

According to Dr. Singh, the right to privacy is considered a universal human right, yet emerging technologies can threaten that right. The recent spate of ransomware attacks on Atlanta, Baltimore, and San Francisco have rendered municipal services inoperable for a long durations, disrupting the 911 emergency dispatch system and public parking/public transit/utility payment systems. To plan and design a resilient Smart City, the digital infrastructures these cities will rely on must be resilient and secure.

Dr. Singh is a recognized author and expert on Smart Cities, having worked on notable Smart City projects in Singapore, Dubai and Amsterdam, to name a few. He is currently leading OST’s Smart City project for Stafford County in Virginia to develop a vision, strategy and implementation roadmap for the Smart Town Center project.

About OST: OST, Inc. is a leader in implementing Smart City projects and a provider of C4ISR, Cyber, Engineering, Logistics, Managed Services, and Smart technologies. OST serves multiple industries, including aviation, defense, financial, health, insurance, utility, and transportation. Its client base consists of Fortune 1,000 companies and public sector organizations such as the US Department of Defense (Air Force, Army, Navy, and Joint programs), Commerce, Education, Energy, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Treasury, and Veteran’s Affairs, plus state and local governments. OST is externally appraised/registered as CMMI-DEV Level 3, CMMI-SVCS Level 3, ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001.