OST Wins New Contract to Continue FAA Spectrum Engineering Support

Washington, D.C., September 2014 – OST has been awarded a new task order to continue delivering innovative support to the Spectrum Engineering Automation System (SEAS) that helps the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) maintain safe flight.

OST has supported SEAS since 2000 with exemplary engineering services to further the FAA’s mission to provide the safest and most efficient aviation system in the world. This new task order enables OST to continue its vital work to enhance the safety, reliability, efficiency, and capacity of the National Airspace System.

Under the new contract, OST will provide systems engineering, frequency engineering modeling, software development, enterprise integration, operations and maintenance, and program management support to design, implement, and maintain numerous ongoing initiatives and key SEAS systems. OST will deliver major enhancements to the Automated Frequency Management System and its subsystems to deliver innovation, move to the next level of safety, advance global collaboration, and sustain the FAA’s future.

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Ron Rhodes